Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: [Lancôme] BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

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Lancôme BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover is one of the most popular eye makeup removers despite its high price. I had the chance to try it myself when Sephora had their annual VIB 20% Off discount.

It is separated so you need to shake it before use.

Rating kisses (out of 5): 
(Sometimes people minus 1 point when rating this product because of the price, but I think rating should be quality-based only and price is irrelevant. You usually get what you pay for.)

This eye makeup remover is gentle and effective; I just need to make sure I pour out enough product onto the cotton pads so that the pads won't be too dry and hurt the skin around my eyes. What is so great about it is that it doesn't only help me wipe off my stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner easily but also actually dissolves the makeup. Why is it so important? You might know how much I love my Skinfood Rose Shake Point Makeup Remover. I still do except the fact that I have to be very careful or the mascara/eyeliner flakes will get into my eyes and irritate them for the whole night! With Lancôme BI-FACIL I don't have to worry about that any more.

I haven't tried other eye makeup removers which are more reasonably priced such as the ones from Neutrogena or Clinique. I'm very curious about how cheaper products remove my makeup. Will they be like a normal oil-based remover or they will work like Lancôme BI-FACIL? If there is a very good dupe of Lancôme BI-FACIL, I'll definitely go for it because, you know, $39 for 6.7 oz makeup remover is a very steep price, although I do think it's worth all of the hype.

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