Saturday, November 14, 2015

Review: [3 Concept Eyes] Lipsticks and Matte Lip Crayons

This is a lip-swatch/review post following the 3CE Haul I posted 2 weeks ago. This time I bought 4 lipsticks - 3 dangerous matte and 1 matte and 4 lip crayons, all of which are in matte formula.


Lipsticks: The dangerous matte ones pull my lips a little because of the drier formula; however, with a layer of lip balm underneath they don't dry out my lips at all. 3CE matte formula has never a dry formula to me.

  • #809 Tell The Truth (dangerous matte): cute baby pink, not too bright not too neutral.
  • # 806 Dusty Coral (dangerous matte): bright coral that has more orange than red.
  • #807 Hypnotic (dangerous matte): this color is stunning! I've never had a color similar to this one in my collection. It doesn't have too much purple or red, a vibrant raspberry shade!
  • #803 Classic Rosy (matte): I bought this shade because of the "dried-rose" lip color trend of this Fall. As the name suggested, it is a dark version of a rosy shade.

Lip crayons: These matte crayons are not drying but also not as pigmented as the lipsticks. I need 2 swipes to completely cover my natural lip color.
  • #Blushed: I absolutely love this rose color which is perfect for everyday use; again, I haven't had this color before.
  • #Airy Red: I already have a few red lip products but I couldn't resist this bright red when I saw the model wearing it, she looks just like Snow White! 
  • #Rum: I'd like to borrow 3CE's description of this color - a raspberry burgundy. It is like a toned-down version of Hypnotic.

Lip Swatches

#809 Tell The Truth (dangerous matte)

# 806 Dusty Coral (dangerous matte)

#807 Hypnotic (dangerous matte)

#803 Classic Rosy (matte)


#Airy Red


I know that Sephora stores in Singapore and Malaysia have recently carried 3 Concept Eyes. I'm so jealous!!! I've been waiting for 3 years for Sephora here to carry the brand so I really really really hope that 3CE will come to the states soon.

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