Saturday, October 31, 2015

Haul: [3 Concept Eyes] Lippies, Eye Products, and Style Nanda Accessories (October 2015)

I can't remember the last time I ordered from (Style Nanda is the company that 3CE makeup line belongs to). I hate paying for the expensive shipping cost ($10 - $20) so my order is usually worth more than $200 and that's the reason I don't buy that often. Nevertheless, 3CE is still my number 1 brand when it comes to lipsticks so you can expect to see more 3CE reviews from this blog. As usual, the products mentioned in this haul will mostly be lip products.

Lipsticks ($20 each)

As you might know how I think about 3CE lip products, they have a lighweight and non-drying formula with great pigmentation and lasting power. However, what makes 3CE my no.1 brand to buy lipsticks from is their large collection of shades, just like how people love MAC lipsticks so much.

Beside the one with pink packaging from their "Pink Rumor" edition, the others also have a different packaging: it is now matte! I think they've changed to matte packaging for matte and dangerous matte lipstick since the dangerous matte finish came out. So now their lipsticks (not include other lips products) have glass (sheer), creamy, regular (satin), matte, and dangerous matte finishes.

Dangerous matte finish

Dangerous matte finish

Dangerous matte finish

Matte finish

MATTE Lip Crayons ($17 each)

While their regular lip crayons are just ok to me, I've been so excited about these new matte lip crayons. They also have matte packaging and the best thing is that all 3CE lip crayons are now retractable!

This photo shows you how much product you actually get; not that much huh?

Eye and Brow Products:

Gel eyeliner in #Glitter Red Bean ($14)

I already own the shades All Black and Brown (which is an ashy brown). Below is a comparison:

Slim Eyebrow Pencil in Reddish Brown ($14)

I bought Chestnut Brown before and love it so much that I have to buy another one but in Reddish Brown:

Eyebrow Mascara in Red Brown ($13)


Sunglasses ($18 each)

Who could resist these cute sunglasses when they are shown on the model like this?

Oil Remover Towel

It was included in the package as a gift from Style Nanda. I think the name is confusing since at first I thought these wipes are to remove oil, but no, they're makeup remover wipes that contain some types of oil in it so you do need to wash your face afterwards with your normal cleanser.

I'm so excited to try these products out and tell you how much I love them. Well, I can already tell you now that I love all of the lip products here. Stay tuned! Swatches and reviews will come soon!

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