Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: First Gift Box Event is an online shopping store that sells Korean cosmetics and ships from South Korea. It is also my current favorite Korean cosmetics store because the products are cheaper (most of the time) than at other stores due to its discount events. (click HERE to view pros and cons as well as a list of other online Korean makeup stores).

I rarely win anything but I was so surprised to be one of the winners of Honestskin's first gift box event. Included in the box are 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) water proof eyeliner #1 Cats, Etude House (EH) Color Lips-fit #PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink, EH Color My Brows #2 Light Brown, EH Surprise Concealer Kit, It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher, The Face Shop Rice Face Mask, IOPE Moistgen Special Gift Set and Laneige White plus Renew Trial Kit.

3CE Creamy Water Proof Eyeliner #1 Cats

As a fan of 3CE lipsticks, I had been wanting to try this water proof eyeliner after having good experience with their gel eyeliner. This is also the item I like the most in this gift box. The packaging is slim and sleek and the eyeliner is very black and creamy. It is water-proof but probably not oil-proof since it still smudges a little on my oily eyes after a few hours. Honestly, I don't think any crayon-type eyeliner is oil-proof. Water-proof pen eyeliners or liquid eyeliners definitely have better staying powder on oily eyes. However, I do prefer the $2.5 eyeliner from Essence which is not as creamy but stays put longer.

EH Color Lips-fit #PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

The color is very bright and there's a nice fruity scent. It's interesting to see how this lip product feels EXACTLY the same as 3CE Lip Lacquer. This also means that it's very creamy when applied but dries to a powdery matte finish. As I don't feel comfortable wearing 3CE lip lacquers since they dry out my lips very quickly, I don't like the texture of this color lips-fit either. That being said, if you love 3CE lip lacquers, you would like this product too.

EH Color My Brows #2 Light Brown

This is my first time using a brow gel but unfortunately this color is too light for me. I also don't think I ever need a brow gel since my brows' hair isn't that much and a brow pencil is enough to hide my natural hair color. I think it's very important though to those who have thick brows and dye their hair with a total different color from the natural hair color.

EH Surprise Concealer Kit

I like this kit, creamy but not too thick and has decent coverage. I use the darker shade for my under-eye areas and the lighter shade for redness and other imperfections. The only thing I don't like is the cheap and unattractive packaging, but I guess the quality is more important.

It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher

The packaging is super duper cute and I like the soft puff included; too bad I lost the wings because I threw away the film around the compact. I wish they sent me a different color though because this peachy color is too light that it's hardly shown up on my skin.

The Face Shop Rice Face Mask, IOPE Moistgen Special Gift Set and Laneige White plus Renew Trial Kit

Skincare products need more time to see the results which are also different depending on your skin type and needs. Therefore, what I can tell about these samples are just how my skin feels upon application.
My skin always welcomes convenient sheets of face masks. I feel like giving my skin a special treatment after using the masks but it might feel a little sticky.
I couldn't use all of the items included in these 2 kits because I couldn't get some products out (due to the packaging). Both product lines have light texture but not light enough for combination skin to use during the summer. IOPE Moistgen is a little more moisturizing than Laneige White Plus.

I want to give a big "thanks" to Honestskin for choosing me as a winner in this event so that I have the opportunity to share my honest thoughts on these products. I hope you all enjoyed this review.
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