Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: [3 Concept Eyes] Creamy Lip Color #7 Yippee + Lip Color #308 Pink Jam + Fresh Aqua Mist + Mesh Pouch

Hi everyone! Another order from my favorite Korean cosmetics brand 3 Concept Eyes has come! Let's go straight to the reviews.

1. Creamy Lip Color #7 Yippee ($20.81)

So, Creamy Lip Colors are 3CE's newest line of lipsticks which, as suggested in the name, are different from their other matte and satin lipsticks. One of the reasons I love 3CE lipsticks is that they're long lasting, but I wasn't sure about these creamy lipsticks so I ordered only one thinking a glossy bright orange shade will look great for Summer. Of course, as usual I also like some other colors from this line, hehe!

It has different packaging from other 3CE lipsticks.

*Rating (out of 5)

- Texture:           
Creamy but not sticky! The texture is like butter, even more buttery than the well-known Revlon lip butters so you should apply with a light hand or you might break it. It's still cold now but I'm so afraid the lipstick will melt during hot seasons. Note that I don't need to use lip balm because the texture of this lipstick is already creamy.

- Lasting power:  
When I ate a bar and drank water constantly, the color started to fade after 2 hours and I had to reapply after 3 hours. If I didn't eat or drink, I think it will last 1-2 extra hours. So the lasting power which I didn't expect much for such a creamy texture is indeed average. However, the thing is even after the color started to fade my lips (still looked somewhat orange) didn't feel dry at all, unlike the Revlon lip butters drying out my lips a little.

- Finish:              
Smooth and shiny! Exactly what I want for Spring/Summer.

- Pigmentation:    
Medium to full coverage.

- Color:              
The first time I tried it on I told myself "This is it!". It is exactly the color I have been looking for the past 6 yrs: TRUE ORANGE. For some reason it is very hard too find a pure orange shade of lipsticks in the U.S. Most of the orange lipsticks here have some red in them. I own an orange shade of the Revlon lip butters called Tutti Frutti so I want to compare them in the below photos.

You can see that Yippee has better coverage and consistency.

Bare lips

3CE #7 Yippee (brighter and more yellowy in real life)

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti (looks a little dull and more 'mature')
Will I repurchase? Definitely yes! I will pick some more lighter shades for everyday use since it looks so nice and feels very comfortable. I think I might pick #2 Cotton Pie, #4 Joyce, #8 Ladi Dadi and #10 Roller Coaster next time ^^.

2. Lip Color #308 Pink Jam ($19.71)

Rating (out of 5)

Finish (matte):  
Staying power: 

Packaging is the same as other 3CE lipsticks. This one is one of their most popular shade and I don't know why I didn't get it until now. When the #601 Deep Kisser came out I thought it would be very close to Pink Jam so I just bought the newer one. The truth is Deep Kisser is a tad deeper/darker than this one. I feel that I like the matte finish and the bright color of Pink Jam more than the satin finish and the deeper color of Deep Kisser. However, I have no regret; Deep Kisser is perfect for Fall/Winter!

You can see that Pink Jam is a little brighter and more matte.

Bare lips

3CE #308 Pink Jam (looks brighter in real life)

3CE #601 Deep Kisser (it's not clear in this photo that #601 is darker due to the fact that satin finish has a little sheen on it)

3. Fresh Aqua Mist ($13.21/ 115 ml)

As usual, the box is simple matte black with hot pink inside. The bottle is taller than the Glossing Oil Mist (140 ml) but also smaller.
Rating:    /5

This facial mist includes some minerals and bamboo and aloe extracts; it's supposed to keep your skin hydrated without being oily. It has a good floral scent, feels very fresh once sprayed on face and not oily at all! I actually haven't used up my 3CE Glossing Oil Mist, hehe! I love that one but I bought this aqua mist for Summer b/c the other one is probably too oily during hot seasons to me. I think 3CE has other types facial mist as well including Honey Water Mist, Glamour Mist (has shimmers) and Energy Mist (jelly texture). So, it really depends on your preference and needs.

This is not from 3CE!!! It is my DIY 3CE bottle I made to carry some aqua mist around. I bought this traveling empty bottle for $0.97 at Walmart and used tape and a marker to create the label ;)

4. Mesh Pouch ($14.09)

I was looking for a transparent/see-through makeup bag for traveling. With a normal makeup bag I could go through the airport gate with no problem most of the times but there were sometimes they held me back 'cause they couldn't scan what in the bag ... I have no idea why. So, I decided to use a transparent bag but refused to use a ziploc, lol!

Size: Large - 225 x 150 x 10 mm; Small: 110 x 65 x 10 mm
Rating:    /5

I have to admit this is the most attractive makeup bag I've ever seen: professional look, 3CE logo (I'm a fan), convenience and transparency as I want. Note that a transparent bag can also help you reach the item you want easier! The bag is sturdy and I haven't tried to put all of the items I need for a trip yet, but I believe it has enough room. I wish that it was a little bigger though; for some reason it looks bigger in Park Sora's hand, lol!

Thanks for reading :) !

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