Monday, September 23, 2013

Tutorial: 2 Eye Makeup Tutorials for Asians

In this post I will share with you guys 2 eye makeup tutorials, one of which is from Ulzzang Pony. As you already know about Ulzzang Pony (Park Hye Min), she's a makeup artist and model in South Korea. I just think these tutorials will help us Asians to create more noticeable eyelid lines and therefore, bigger eyes! For those who already have clear double eyelids, I believe the tutorials will help emphasize your natural beauty even more.

1. No. 22 Mandarin

2. Emphasize Eyelid Lines:

gold and black eye liner #asian #makeup

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Disclaimer: I don't own or create these tutorials. They are just my findings that I want to share with my blog readers.
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