Friday, September 13, 2013

Review: [3 Concept Eyes] (Second Order)

Finally, the package came and I had a chance to try on the products I ordered. I am so excited to tell you guys how much I love these products, especially the lipsticks (again, lipsticks!!!). Let's have a look:

Left to right and up to down: #401 Scandal, #601 Deep Kisser, #406 Milky Tangerine, #507 Lala, Brown Gel Eyeliner

Sadly they don't have #505 Glass Coral and gave me a refund again (if you don't know, I actually ordered #505 in the first time and the same thing happened). I wonder why they never restock that color or they just stop selling it. Anyways, I will just review what I have here. I will start with the eyeliner and then the lightest lipstick.

Gel Eyeliner #Brown

*I used this product in all pictures in this post 

This is the third gel eyeliner that I own. The first one I bought was a black one made by Maybelline and it was not water and sweat-proof (note that I have very oily eyelids); after a few hours my eyes looked like a panda's --> dislike. The second one was from ELF, a very cheap brand; and I got what I paid for: it was too dry to apply and not pigmented at all. I just threw it away! This 3CE gel eyeliner on the other hand works pretty well, even though it is not as good as my Physicians Formula pen eyeliner which is super waterproof. I notice this gel eyeliner smudges a little bit in oily corners of my eyes at the end of the day. However, it is summer and I walk a lot on campus (and of course, sweat a lot). Also, gel texture is creamy, unlike pen eyeliner, and the unwanted effect is hard to notice. One thing I like about this eyeliner is it's extremely smooth and glides on very easily.

My overall rating 

This is me without any lipsticks. You can see how important lip products are to me. Without any lip color my lips look so pale and I look tired and sick.

#406 Milky Tangerine

This is a light milky orange color; it looks a little bit like the Cream Orange Jumbo Lip Crayon that I reviewed before, but unlike the crayon this one isn't as pale and looks very natural (not the type of orange that will make your lips stand out too much). It is also creamier than the crayon.

#507 Lala

Another orange, but this one has a little bit of coral which make it quite unique and is very vibrant. This is also one of the new lip colors that have just been out. At first I thought these are not as matte as the previous lip colors from 3 Concept Eyes because they seem to be glossy in pictures. It turned out that I was wrong; these new lipsticks have the same texture as others!


#401 Scandal

Very bright red, I mean, very very bright! If you don't want your lip color to be too dramatic and strong, you can either apply only the inner part of your lips and spread the product out or don't use this one at all. I love it though; I am the type of person who doesn't want to look just like others. Even though I don't like to wear heavy makeup, I'd like something unique and noticeable, such as super vibrant lips, ;)
(update: this one is the only matte lipstick in the order.)


#601 Deep Kisser

This is another new lipsticks having just come out that I bought. It looks more fuchsia in real life than in the picture (more purple in real life), but it's still a very nice color. I think the color on my lips looks a lot like 3CE #308 Pink Jam.


My rating for these lipsticks is the same as for the other 3CE lipsticks I bought previously.

Finish (satin):    
Staying power: 
(update: the rating for Finish is 4 for all except Scandal which has matte finish. I like matte more than satin finish in general!)

There is actually another product that I bought but isn't reviewed here. It is the Jumbo Lip Crayon #Woman to Woman. I guess I wasn't thinking when adding it to my order. I've realized that Woman to Woman is actually the same color as #401 Scandal, so I decide not to use it but resell it on Ebay. The item is unopened and the seal's still there. When I list it on Ebay I will have another post to announce the listing, maybe along with other items I have on Ebay at that time.

Don't forget to check out other 3 Concept Eyes reviews on my blog if you're interested.

Disclaimer: I don't take any credit from Style Nanda by reviewing these products. I bought them with my own money and these are my honest opinions.

Thank you for reading!
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