Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wish List: 3 Concept Eyes (Part I)

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been very interested in a make-up line named 3 Concept Eyes (3CE). For people who don't know, this is a Korean cosmetic product line created by a company called Style Nanda in South Korea. The company also sell clothing and accessories; you can visit their website at Although 3CE and Style Nanda are very popular in Korea and other Asia countries, even in Australia, and many celebrities in Korea wear them, it is surprising that not a lot of people in America know about them. I tried a lot to find reviews about 3CE in English and got just a few. The website is the only place to buy from them if you're in  the U.S. They use a flat shipping rate: $20 for orders under $100, $10 for orders $100 to under $200, and free shipping for orders $200 or more. This shipping method is also a problem to me because I rarely buy $100+ cosmetics in one time but I definitely don't want to pay $20 for shipping. Therefore, I create a wish list and decide to wait a few months so that I can get a free shipping for $200+ cosmetics.

Where to buy: International webite -
                       Vietnam -

(Links: 3 Concept Eyes Review Part I and Part II)

Part I - Lips

I am a tinted-lip-balm person, I hate drying lipstick and I need color for my pale chapped lips. I've been trying some tinted lip balms like Burt's Bees, Fresh, Nivea and Revlon Lip Butters. Burt's Bees and Fresh don't have many color options, Nivea dries out my lips (I have very dry lips), and Revlon Lip Butters are the best but the texture is not very light weight. Because 3CE is famous for their lipsticks which are smooth and hydrate in some reviews, I think I will try them out.

These are the lipsticks that I picked:

1. #408 Chu Chu

2. #104 So Pink

3. #107 Bad Pink

4. #109 Peach Peach

5. #305 Double Shot

6. #308 Pink Jam

7. #403 Glass Red --- #503 Glass Hot Pink --- #505 Glass Coral

8. Jumbo Lip Crayon - Pink Smoothie, Cream Orange, Bohemian Pink (for both lips and cheek)

As you see, their models are gorgeous, so are their lipsticks! I will introduce more about their other products for face, cheeks and eyes in other parts of my wish list.

Thank you for reading!

Where to buy: USA -
                       Vietnam -

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