Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tutorial: Ulzzang Pony (Park Hye Min) Makeup

Many people might wonder who the beautiful girl in my blog's slideshow is. She is Park Hye Min, a popular South Korean ulzzang.

Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and refers to girls with above average look who post their pictures online and some of whom become internet celebrities. Park Hye Min is a makeup artist who is also a model and published "Pony's Secret Makeup Book I" in 2007 and "Pony's Secret Makeup Book II" in 2011. You can buy these 2 books on Ebay or Amazon. I found some of her makeup tutorial pictures and would love to share with anyone interested in creating her look. I apologize for the inconvenient since I can't translate from Korean to English.

#17 Golden Rosy

#29 Extase

#30 Isatis & Gold Champagne

#31 Mist Party

#33 Fiesta

Arctic Fairy


Disclaimer: I don't own or create any of these pictures and tutorials. They belong to Park Hye Min and are posted publicly on her blog. Here are just my findings that I want to share with my blog readers.

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