Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: [Urban Decay] Supercurl Curling Mascara + [Benefit] They're Real! Mascara + [Clinique] High Impact Waterproof Mascara

Okay, before reviewing these three popular products I wanna talk a little about my eyelashes and what I'm looking for in a mascara. This is important because something that works for me doesn't necessarily work for you and what I'm looking for might not what you require.

My eyelashes: short, straight and "stubborn"!
What I'm looking for in a mascara: be able to hold up the curled eyelashes, water- and smudge-proof, smooth (not clumpy), lengthening, defining and not dried up in the container. Note that I don't need a mascara that can curl my eyelashes b/c I like to use a curler. I also don't require "volumizing".

I don't know why companies don't make ALL mascaras water- and smudge-proof; no one wants to look like a raccoon! It makes me feel like in order to have a waterproof mascara I have to sacrifice some other benefits. I have tried some drugstore-brand mascaras and have always been disappointed => decided to go for the high-end ones. So did I finally find the one right for me? Just read on!

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara ($20 / 0.3 oz)

Urban Decay - Supercurl Curling Mascara
Rating:  /5

Pros: easy application with the curling brush, defining, lengthening a little, not dried up in the tube, long-lasting.
Cons: not smooth, clumpy, not curling!, straightening my eyelashes (so sad...).

At the first glance I thought the curling brush would help keeping my eyelashes curled but it doesn't. The mascara isn't smudged on me so I guess it's quite long-lasting. The lengthening benefit isn't up to the extend I want. It isn't easy to wash off but isn't too hard either. To me this is an average mascara.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara ($23/ 0.3 oz)

Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Mascara

Rating:  /5

Pros: very smooth, not clumpy, look natural, lengthening a little, defining, not dried up in the tube, long-lasting and easy to wash off.
Cons: doesn't hold the curl well, the tube doesn't wipe off excess product on the brush sometimes.

I really like this one except for the 2 cons listed above. I have to apply very carefully sometimes b/c the extra product gets stuck on my eyelashes. The mascara feels wet, easy to apply and feels comfortable on. The mascara doesn't straighten my curled lashes but it can't hold them up very well either, but remember: my eyelashes are "stubborn"!

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara ($16/ 0.28 oz)

CLINIQUE - High Impact Waterproof Mascara

Rating: /5

Pros: non-expensive, water-proof, smooth, lightweight, look very natural, definitely lengthening, most important: holds up the curled eyelashes very well.
Cons: not defining enough, hard to wash off (b/c it's waterproof!).

I would say this is one of the "my eyelashes but better" mascaras. The lengthening effect is wonderful but I think it doesn't make my eyelashes look "defined" enough. I wished I could combine the Benefit and this one; and that is literally what I do - I use the Clinique for the first coat and the Benefit for the second coat. The result isn't bad, it just takes more time ... I haven't used this mascara long enough so I can't tell if it will be dried up in the tube or not. I give this one 4 kisses and while hunting for a 5-kiss one, I will be enjoying this one as my everyday mascara!

How about you? What type of mascara you're looking for and did you find it? Do you have any recommendation about some other mascaras that might work for me?

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